Social Responsibility


Bush Villas on Kruger is a non-profit organisation. We are not focused on making a profit. Instead, we believe that together, we can make the world a better place. We support numerous local projects in this regard. A selection of these projects:

– The Friends of Bambanani Foundation is committed to a better future for the youngest generation of South Africa. This includes building schools, food and water programs, but also training female teachers. In total, Bambanani supports 96 schools spread over eight townships around Phalaborwa.

– The Soccer League (organising training sessions and football matches for young people aged 12 to 21 in the townships). Divided over three streams, 16 teams play their own competitions on sandy football fields. A considerable number of them play barefoot!

– Setting up and supporting daytime activities (in the townships) for people with a mental and / or physical disability is done at two different centres. The focus lies on the possibilities of what this group can achieve, instead of the impossibilities.

– For more information on the above projects, visit the website You can also see the projects while you are here.

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